Practice Areas


In 1913, the sixteenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution empowered Congress to tax “incomes, from whatever source derived.” Legislation affecting taxation has been growing, changing, and confounding individuals and businesses ever since. Fortunately, our Firm has a consistent and thorough working knowledge of tax laws and regulations, honed through decades of experience.

Wherever your needs may lie within the vast array of tax laws at the federal, state, or local levels, rest assured that our tax attorneys are qualified to address your concerns with both competence and confidence.

We provide guidance and representation in the following areas:

  • Corporate, Partnership, Exempt Organizations and Joint Ventures
  • Analysis and counseling in connection with Real Estate Transactions
  • State and Local Income, Sales, Use, Franchise and Other Taxes
  • Controversy and Litigation involving Federal, State and Local Authorities
  • Federal and State Planning

If you do not see your Tax needs addressed in the description of our services, please contact us so we may fully understand the details of your particular situation.